The Rite of Passage experience is intended for current middle school students and their parents to come together for one focused day of conversation and activity surrounding topics that are a foundation to our Christian life.  Topics covered include Heaven and Hell, Baptism and Communion, Growing in Faith, and Salvation.  Families meet from 9am- 4:30pm.  The day includes interactive class time, as well as lunch and an afternoon off-site experience.  There are also a few follow-up exercises we ask you to complete from home following the class.  We encourage all middle school students to participate in Rite of Passage once during their Middle School years.

Students who complete the class will be recognized in our Sunday morning services on June 12, 2016 as we officially welcome them into our adult congregation.

The Rite of Passage event is offered on two separate dates and is open to all campuses.  We challenge fathers in particular to attend with their child, though mothers are, of course, encouraged to participate as well.  In the event neither parent is able to attend, another adult sponsor can attend with your child.  There is no cost for participation in Rite of Passage.

Sessions will be held on the following dates in 2016 at the Green Bay campus:

Option 1:         Saturday, May 7th       9am – 4:30pm

Option 2:         Saturday, May 14th     9am – 4:30pm

For specific questions, please contact Pastor Keith at 920.406.2543 or keiths@celebrationchurch.tv. 

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