care & support


Celebration Church practices water baptism after a person has made a personal decision to follow Christ.  Water Baptisms take place the First Wednesday in October as well as the Wednesday before Easter at 6:45pm.  If you’d like to learn more about baptism at Celebration Church, you can sign up for an upcoming water baptism class by clicking HERE.

Child Dedications

Through Child Dedication, parents commit to raise their child in a godly home. Dedications take place during service on the 4th Sunday of the following months: January, April, July, and October.  For more information or to begin the process of getting your little one(s) dedicated, email


If you, or someone you know, has experienced the loss of a family member you can contact us to make arrangements for a Celebration Church pastor to conduct a funeral service at Celebration Church or another location. For more information, call (920) 468-1122.

Hospital Visitation

When illness or injury strikes, we are affected emotionally and spiritually. Our pastors or hospital visitation team are available to visit for prayer and encouragement. To request visitation, email or call (920) 468-1122.

Pastoral Care

We believe every person who attends Celebration Church should not only feel cared for, but be cared for - a goal which can only be accomplished when our people come into relationship with and care for one another. If you're experiencing personal hardship, our pastoral staff welcomes the opportunity to pray with you or to refer you to a professional counselor in the Green Bay area. We also welcome the opportunity to get you connected to a small group here at Celebration. For assistance in getting the care you need, please contact the church office at 920.468.1122 or email


Your marriage is one of the most important and satisfying relationships you will ever have. Like any quality relationship, to get a lot out of it, you have to put much into it. A successful marriage takes an investment of time, effort and a commitment to your partner and relationship. Staying married and having a good marriage is something we do on purpose. If you are interested in being married at Celebration Church or by one of the Celebration Church pastors, please email